Terms & Conditions
Before publishing a blog consider the following:

ToBlog.com was created as a space where users can express themselves, thus, must be written in a responsible, original and creative way, without offending or insulting for the user feel comfortable and respected. Content or comments that violate human dignity will be erased.

By saying creative and original content, we also mean to be genuine and not copies from other sites. Users of the blog must not post any material that is knowingly false or misleading, defamatory, illegal, abusive, harassing, liable to incite racial hatred, blasphemous, discriminatory, pornographic, sexually oriented, threatening, or invasive of anyone’s privacy.

Also, users can not publish or broadcast fake and incorrect content or information, which may cause confusion in the readers. ToBlog.com is not responsible for the content posted by their users.

It is not allowed to share or introduce viruses and harmful software, that cause damages to computer systems. Spam, junk mail, Trojan horses, worms are also included here.

ToBlog.com will never share, transfer, sold or disclosed any personal information collected from the website to a third party. Personal information will be protected under the law applicable data protection.

In case of modification of the Terms and Conditions of Use, the users will be will be notified 30 days in advance via email.

We recommend ToBlog.com users to be constant and active with their publications.

Passed 30 days after the blog was created and there is not any activity, the blog will be deleted.

In order to make updates, plugins installations, maintenance, SEO optimization and statistics collection, ToBlog.com may access the administration panel. These plugins files and configurations cannot be modified nor deleted by users.

If any of these conditions was unfulfilled, Toblog.com reserves the right to delete the blog.