Being Older is Definitely, but Being Mature is a Choice

25!! Wow, I can’t believe I am 25 now because it feels like being 22! hehe šŸ˜€

It has been so long I don’t spend time to writeĀ here. Now, I wanna share about the precious moment which only happen once in a life time.

TWENTY FIVE, well, some people will think 25 is still young. Yes, I agree I am still young and 25 is just a number. hmmm.. no no, it is not just a number. 25 means I have to be better, wiser, DON’T be childish anymore, more positive, and .. many else. I can’t mentioned all of the list here -___-“.

This is the great birthday ever that I ever had! not because the party (I never had a birthday party in my life) but on this birthday, I gotĀ so many love and blessing! It startedĀ in the early morning, there was a massive rain in Bali completely with the thunder that succeed make me awakened. It was 2:10 am and I could not sleep for a few minutes. Then I started to surf on all social media. I didn’t know why the first thing that I wanna open is the Gmail. And *taraaaaaaaaaa* I got a surprise message! Well, for me it was a surprise :-):-):-). He said Happy Birthday to me! God, I am very happy. even until now! :-). Maybe for other people it is not special, but for me it is special ( I meant it!). Yes, because he gave me his time to say happy birthday and a prayer and he was the first who said it.Ā It is very special and I am thankful.

And at 2.12 am, I got a message from My Daddy, he said “Happy Birthday, hope you will always be success in life. Love Mom & Dad”.. O My God! It was 2.12 am and My Dad text me to say that? It never happened before! I wasĀ very happy! :-). (FYI, My parents and family are not in Bali. They live in Lombok Island).

In the morning, the messages came one by one on FB, SMS, Path, BBM, Line, and phone. I got so many messages said “Happy Birthday” and also prayers. That is why I always love Birthday, because I can feel like a “Queen” hehe, Ā so many love :-).

It did not stop there, in the afternoon, I got a surprise from my office mates at Annika Linden Centre. Aaaaaa, How sweet they are! :)

Siska gave me this beautiful cake ! Oreo Cheese Cake <3<3

Siska gave me this beautiful cake ! Oreo Cheese Cake <3<3


Siska (left side) is my best friend. We work at the same place

God, I never thought before, she gave me the cake that I want! I kept told her before that I want the Oreo Cheesecake for my birthday. And she gave me! How nice and sweet she is . Because I know, it is hard to find it in Bali. But She gave me it! :’). Oooh Siskaa !! xoxo

Me with Annika Linden Centre Team

Me with Annika Linden Centre Team ^^

I am so lucky to have them as my team. It is not easy to find an office that feels like home. But I can find it here, at Annika Linden! :-). Again, I feel the blessing here.


Annika Linden with Me. Thank you for being my Inspiration Annika! šŸ˜€ Lets take picture!

This is Annika Linden, an amazing girl who makes the Annika Linden Centre exist and help more than a thousand people in the world! Her love story is one of my favorite True Love Story.

Even Google said "Happy Birthday Suri" Well, #Important! :D

Even Google said “Happy Birthday Suri” Well, #Important! :D


One of my fave birthday messages from my “son”. My junior at Law Faculty ^^

The happiness kept continue until 12th March, One of my office mate, Juliet , gave me a surprise dinner and Durian Fruit ! O My :’) How sweet! Again, I can feel the blessing…Ā I can feel the affection here. Affection, time, and caring. I am very lucky to get all of it from all people around me.


Dinner surprise from Juliet with Annika Linden Centre Team!

Make a wish for the 2nd time :-)

Make a wish for the 2nd time :-)

Gifts from Kak Rosyid (the Monkey Doll) and  a Wallet from Kak Meda <3. Thank youuu

Gifts from Kak Rosyid (the Monkey Doll) and a Wallet from Kak Meda

Well, the surprise still continued until Saturday! :D.


Well, the 3rd surprise from the brekeles. From my best friends! Make a wish for the 3rd time


Birthday Dinner with the brekeles šŸ˜€ xoxo


“don’t need to be more feminine!..” hehe :-). Thank you dear xoxo


This is not a proposal! Only a small gift from one of my best friends! she made it very sweet lol :D

Strawberyy Hello Kitty Pillow. How cute dear! xoxo :*

Strawberyy Hello Kitty Pillow. How cute dear! xoxo :*

She knows I need more bag. hehe :-). Thank you my dear hanifa ^^

She knows I need more bag. hehe :-). Thank you my dear hanifa ^^

The best birthday that I ever had! Not because the party, not becauseĀ the branded and expensive things, but because of so many love and blessing that I got on the age of 25! :-)

A great family, a great job, a great office mate, a great best friends, a good healthy, a lot of wishes and prayers from people, and a great someoneĀ who I loveĀ :-).

Thank you for this blessing and I realize that I have so many love and no reason to cry or complaint! (I wish I always remember this and stop complaining) :-):-).

Being Older is Definitely, but Being Mature is a Choice” – So, grow up Suri! I don’t wanna hear he says “Why are you so childish!?” anymore! :-/ . Grow up, be wiser, be better, and spread so many love around! Fighting 25!

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