Happy New Year! and Thank you for the memories :)

Hi ….

I just looked around, many people really excited for the new year. .

Fireworks everywhere… And I am here with my family,,, so thankful :-)

Suddenly, I’m thinking about you (again)

I wanna chat you, but I worry it will bother you or make you disappointed when you see your mobile, coz you are waiting text from someone else… from a girl who can make you smile :-) ..

I just worry, so I think.. it is better not..

What are you doing there? already have plan for tonight?

Tonight, try to relax please,, don’t work too much! :-/

I hope there is someone with you tonight who will talk with you or just for drinking coffee together :-), at least you will not be alone when you count second by second toward 12.01 am..

It’s already one year, exactly today, I tried to look again the old conversation..

I also remember where you were last year 😀 (unimportant thing, yeah I’m a specialist to remember unimportant things  -__-“).

Still you remember this? I’m 99% sure you will not remember it, or maybe yo have deleted it? 😀

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1st January 2014

Even already one year, it still can make me smile :-)..

You know …. in that time I wished 2015, somehow, I can be with you..

But again, “Life is not always like expected!”…

Hufh… time flew too fast. The fastest year ever for me!

This year, I could feel everything because of you..

Cried a lot, smile often, laughing, miss , nervous, and I could feel like “being loved”.. just a feeling.. But I’m thankful I used to feel it :-).

In this year, I learned many new things.. Because of you..

I accepted my first hug… because of you.. the only hug that allowed from a man (-__-!)

And.. this year, I understood that “loving someone” is not easy.. :-)

Thank you for the memories, either the saddest or the happiest..

2014 has been a great year for me! And you are exist in every page of it.

Happy New Year 2015!! 

Success, Healthy, and Always be blessed in everything! :-)

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