Nice! “Aglio Olio” Pasta at Manifesto Cafe & Kitchen

When you come to Bali, it’s so easy to find cafes especially in Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud. But, in Denpasar it’s quite hard to find it.

Recently, there are several newbie cafes that were built at Hayam Wuruk street in Denpasar. I and my best friend tried to visit Manifesto Cafe & Kitchen, located behind the Elizabeth International School, Hayam Wuruk-Denpasar.

It is small cafe and has a simple theme, black and white. It is unique as they write a sentence on every stair, so their customer will be excited to read it and make us smile until we arrived upstairs without feel tired. Creative idea! :-)

For the meals, they provide burger, pasta, grilled chicken as the main course. I was interested to try “Manifesto Aglio Olio” with the price, 30K. Yummy and the portion isn’t too big, recommended menu here!

spaghetti Aglio served with prawn,garlic, and olive oil

spaghetti Aglio served with prawn,garlic, and olive oil

And about the drinks, I chose “Lychee minth Iced Tea” , a piece of lychee fruit inside with several mint leaves, recommended for relieving the thirst, so fresh! , only 20K.

Lychee Mint Tea

Lychee Mint Tea

They also provide coffee (just like it’s name, coffee & kitchen), Frappe, Latte, and Elixier with the price between 20K-35K.

No WiFi here as they have a motto “We provide Coffee not WIFI”  :-). So don’t visit this place if you just need the wifi :D.

Hope it can give a recommendation cafe for you to visit in Denpasar!

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