Is totally free to have a blog at ToBlog.com?
Yes, you can have your own blog at ToBlog.com completely free!.
What are the conditions for having a blog?
The most important thing when writing in a blog is responsibility and perseverance. Furthermore, creative writing and a lot of originality, click here for more details of the Terms of use.
About what topics can I write?
You can talk about any topics of your interest, for example, sports, fashion, technology, history, literature, science, animals, music, video games, etc., always with responsibility.
Can I have more than one blog?
Yes, you can have more than one blog, make sure to keep them updated.
What platform are being used for the blogs?
We work with WordPress, it is simple and convenient. Wordpress offers plugins and themesthat you can use totally free to design and optimize your blog.
Do I have the tools to perform SEO in WordPress on my blog?
By using free Plugins that offers WordPress you can easily optimize your blog from a SEO point of view, all you need to do it install and configure it.