We at speakeasy language school Barcelona think that it is important that you guys know what to do when you arrive to Barcelona.
Except joining the activities & trips that me Dina plan out for you each week i thought I could share cool webpages to keep track of cool events, restaurants and places to visit !

Here are a few that I use :

Here is this weeks schedule with SPEAKEASY BCN


Have a good Week !!


Speakeasy BCN growing rapidly

We´ve come so far with making Speakeasy BCN even better than it was.
Since the last time I made a post in the blog, we have opened 3 new class rooms in the building, we have expanded our staff in the reception, we have been on a lot of trips and travels with the students and the community and popularity of the school has been growing a lot!

I think we have a winning concept and I could´nt be happier representing Speakeasy language school Barcelona!

Here is a really nice review a student wrote not to long ago and I could´nt help to get all emotional haha… I get really attached to people who comes to my events and trips and It is always so hard to see you leave !!!

” My name is Sebastian Shrager and I am a 29 year old recent medical graduate from the USA. I had never formally studied Spanish, so I signed up for a 12 week intensive course (4 hours every morning, 5 days a week) and 4 hours a week of medical Spanish in the afternoon. At the end of my 12 weeks, I had an intermediate level of Spanish, which means I was confident enough to speak and text in Spanish. Secondly, and more importantly, the institute is a wonderful environment to grow as human being. The staff are super friendly, the teachers really care if you learn and the extra curricular activities really broaden your horizons. Each week they have around 3 different social activities form visiting a museum, to going to a local market, to doing yoga on the beach and to visiting the bunkers. This activities allow you to explore the city and make new friends with other fellow students at the school. (It’s really great to spend time with people who want to explore and immerse themselves in a new culture just as much as you do) They also have weekend trips, which included a weekend in Madrid, skiing in Andorra, the fire show in Valencia) I went for a weekend in Ibiza and it was one of the highlights of my 3 months in Spain Overall, I think speak easy bcn is a platform for a great experience. You get out of it, how much you put in. If you go to 3/4 classes a week, do not do your homework and never do any of the activities, you will miss out. If you go to class, do your homework and engage in the activities, you will fall in love with Barcelona and make life long friends. ”

Thank you Sebs we appricate you soo much <3 Best of luck with everything !

I got Friday-feelings today people , that´s why me , Dina , community manager at Speakeasy language school Barcelona wanted to write this post to really show my appriciation to this wonderful school.




Buenos Dias todos nuestros Amigos !
Que tal ?
Como va?
Como esta?

The activities are getting more popular for each week that goes and we could´not be happier about it. We really thank you all for making speakeasy Barcelona´s most fun and and social language school. For you who didn’t know , we are actually certified with Cervantes AND we have the highest quality rate in Barcelona according to Cervantes institute.

Enough of the Bragging , Haha !
What have we been up to lately ? ( except studying our spanish intensely )
We’ve been in Madrid and Toledo , which was an unforgettable trip. A Lot of partying but also alot of knowledge about the spanish history ! Thanks to Barcelona trips for helping us out with these amazingly organized and cheap trips !

Instead of boring you with a bunch of text explaining all the fun we had , I figured that pictures says more than a thousand words, So here are some photos from lately !

20295_827574034025365_4090740340368628193_n 11145560_824151104367658_87476933286247738_n 11225081_822351317880970_376498561407619276_n 12074846_822875931161842_3935465970704539629_n 12107072_819456988170403_4591849954256839505_n 12107765_820379804744788_4596372310903276182_n 12108848_824151611034274_8953739438266086875_n 12109132_820379961411439_5994431112051766366_n

No words needed for the photos , I think you can tell that it´s all just great fun and awesome experiances.


Diapositiva1 Diapositiva2

Hasta pronto muchachooooooooooos y Chicitas :*

The trip to French Riviera and Next Weeks activities @speakeasybcn !

This weekend I took the students to Nice – Cannes and Monaco .
I collaborate with a great company called Barcelona Trips and once a month we do a weekend trip !
Oh did we have fun. Long bus rides but it was definitely worth it. All these places are really precious but I think everybody’s favorite was Nice !
We had a great night out there and we did loads of interesting sightseeing.
I think these pictures speaks for themselves ,
11056433_817780035004765_1777362020883446853_o 11209362_817779915004777_223506227077846797_n 11221948_817779631671472_5184466453929048176_n 12020013_817780215004747_5072201442581891590_n 12036690_817779751671460_1621890225742625865_n 12042702_817779768338125_8826524943745123256_n 12042949_817780021671433_4038174022012112152_n 12046709_817779725004796_4969519034338810515_n 12046917_817779638338138_3922861544286433412_n 12075010_817780161671419_915708835126898003_n 12079620_817779838338118_1590882308908813839_n

Next trip with speakeasybcn is already next weekend , we are of to MADRID AND TOLEDO ! For more information email or whatsapp 691709834 🙂

This trip will obviously be a little more about ” spanish ” and Spain , So you who are obsessed about Spain and spanish HAVE TO COME !



As always @ speakeasybcn , we have a new sceduale every week for our epic activities . Last week was more than fun , we enjoyed Lasertag , Magic fountains , vermout Bars and Fleamarkets.

This is whatsupp this week ! 🙂
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We had an interesting last week with photo exhebitions , drinks and olimpic Pools.. But this week is exciting because we visiting my favorite view of Barcelona , Bunkers !! We are going to one of my favorite restaurants Tasqueta de Blai and on Saturday PALO ALTO MARKET 😀

Diapositiva1 Diapositiva2

Find more on facebook , @speakeasybcn  !!!

Back on track @speakeasybcn !

Due to vacation there has been a dry out on the Activities department for a while but that is not the case anymore !

This week we´ve only done one so far which was exploring the mountain Tibidabo yesterday !
I had 10 beautiful students coming along and we sure did enjoy the best view of Barcelona  !


Tonight we are of on the Second activity of the week which is the Fiesta Major de Gracia. At SpeakeasyBCN we also get cultural 😉
This festivo is really something special so I´m super excited to be taking the students who come along to the Festical ! 🙂

And for next week we got 3 new activites to enjoy , here is a preview 😉

Hasta ahora ! 🙂


last week was loads of fun with speakeasy bcn activities .On monday I , Dina Marley , Was holding a hardcore workout at the beach !
We had a 5km run at the boardwalk then a full body streach . We did 25 minutes of HARD crossfit and then powerwalked back to our starting point !
Working out on the beach of Barcelona is really a experiance itself . The late evening sun is making you sweat just about enough and there is always something going on around that maybe takes your focus away from the long hard run that you are doing.
WE HAD FUN and everybody came up to me the day after “complaining” about musclepain , SuCcEs ! (:

Later during the week on wednesday , we went to the Cine Montjuic , which really is one of my favorite activities.
It is so freaking cosy being on the top on the mountain ( Montjuic is a “moutain” situated in the middle of the city) where the air is a little breezier , have a good piknic and watch legendary good movies. Open air cinema is the SH*T and this week we were over 25 students and friends !

During the whole saturday , we were in Costa Brava and the Tossa de Mar area !
Basically I arranged a private bus to pick us up at arc de triomf that took us to Tossa de Mar. We went emidiatly exploring the castle of Tossa which was impressive .
We managed to get tired of it as well and went strainght for the coves , lagoons , hiking , woods , swimming and snorkeling.
This day was really outstanding . The city was beautiful and the adventure we had hiking along the cost and stoping at beautiful spots was really lovely.

This weekend we are of to a surfcamp in San Sebastian. I CAN´t WAIT !!!

Couple of pics from Costa Brava !

11796360_787139434735492_2736443012295916349_n 11755196_787139078068861_2683924458187095649_n 11224273_787139324735503_3491445677747902056_n 11057365_787139581402144_5989984963522135752_n 10505518_787138994735536_6491330382451338736_n

Activities growing big…

Yesterday we were at the Sala Montjuic , open air Cinema on the top of Hill Montjuic .
26 students and their friends showed up and I could´nt be happier about the fact that SOO MANNY PEOPLE
are coming to the activities?!! I am really moved by this fact .
We´ve been doing alot of fun stuff lately ,

Climbing Montserrat
Beach Cinema
Flamenco Show
Piknic electronik
Graffiti Tour


I am surprised that my imagination isnt running low …

Speakeasy Bcn are really putting alot of energy in making sure that the students have a social life in Barcelona as well , whether you come as a turist to study or just moved to this amazing city. To study abroad is not supposed to be hard, and its not either , because we make it easy and fun ! 🙂

10427321_764902713625831_2541356772248081854_n 10923519_752610048188431_2747000561512658702_n 11062804_772810329501736_4036707208257286251_n 11265012_767009383415164_1552254692535499169_n 11703104_778106472305455_280121478733003104_n 11703116_778741308908638_6689232129836688753_n


So our activities at the school are growing in numbers of people  rapidly.
It’s really fun to be a part of this growth . The school is not only a place to learn spanish at but also a great place to meet new souls from all around the world and as well come along to the super awesome activities that I organize !

Sunday was really funday. We had private buses taking us (26 students from Speakeasy)  to 2 of the most beautiful cities of Costa Brava, Empuriabrava and Cadaques !
Our first stop was Empuriabrava were we got to enjoy one hour boat ride! The city itself is built on canals and therefore the best way to have a look around is by boat! If you ask me, this was my favorite part of the trip !

image1 image2 (1) image2 image3 image4

After the boatride we had a couple of hours to invest in whatever we wanted ! Alot of us went to the magical beach of EMPURIABRAVA


We got back at our buss that later took us up between the mountains and offerd us amazing views of the Costa Brava ( the coast ) .
Our next stop was in fact Cadaques, a city located in a valley that borders the water. BEAUTIFUL is the only way I can express myself about it.
We got to enjoy 4 hours in this beautful pueblo.

image3 (1) image6
image1 (1)

Our trip lasted from 10 in the morning till 23:00 and it felt like we had a 2 day vacation.
I really recommend these daily trips , they are supercheap , 25 EUROS was this trip ?!

Anywho , If I was you , I would study at Speakeasybcn , I would study abroad.

Your girl , Dina Marley ( activity coordinator )