Monthly Archives: March 2014

Cast a worry

This morning on the way to work, I had a feeling that something will happen. It was not me to be blamed, however I still got the dirt from her emotion.

The day was done. It was on the way home.

Me: I am not a person who work without a reason. I am a not person who delay my work. I will try my best to use my time efficiently.

Spring: That is the rage of your worry talking.

Me: I don’t try to make myself look good if I am not. And I hope I don’t try to be anyone that I am not.

Spring: Know your fight (is not with them), but with your time here. You can only dream, but never pretend. Make friend with what you are. Give your heart, then change your mind (again) because you are allowed to do it.

I don’t like it, when she (or anyone) shout at me.