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This include all beaches I have visited: details about the feeling of it, pictures and more information. I love beaches. Please share your recommendation to which beach I should go next :)

Heaven’s sunrise: I will be found

Some lost things , will be found.

Some lost things , will be found.


It has been about 21 months. Here.

Me: It doesn’t matter where you roam, where no one left to call you home. Someday I’ll think it is all okay. Some nights I’ll throw it all away. I’m a little lost at sea, I’m a little birdie in the big old tree. It was that one morning, I found it’s worthy to stay.

Sanur is located at the center part of the island. Around 6,5 miles from Kuta. The best sunrise on the island. Indeed. Best location to live. Best neighborhood. Budget friendly area too!

Me: They call me the breeze. I try to keep blow down the road.

Calm wave. Golden sand. Warm water. Nothing was more friendly than this earth.

Just remember on the way home. That you will never have to feel alone. Because when there are no bus, you can come on my truck. Just stay on the road.


The Real World: Mawun

Ponderosa Canopy. Painted all mahogany.

Ponderosa Canopy. Painted all mahogany.

It was a random journey. I was only planning to go west and turn on the first intersection.

Me: I saw a blossom leaves at the edge of the street. Take my step on to the sand and it was the beach. I blushed as they scooped me up with the sweetest salted air and gaze down on the city above, ablaze with wondrous things. In front of me. Downy wind kissed my cheek and flutter everywhere. Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

I didn’t see anything but the only one tree at that edge. Nothing else. No house. No restaurant. No nothing. The stretch was only a white sand. Long way up and down, east to west.

Me: From the belt of the canopy, the wild ocean look so pretty. Soft rumble water with greenish color. Clear water flashing flickering. Starry brush paint the dusk venetian blue. When the water spring up and their whispering fill the night. Because in the evening hush, you will never believe the view. Ponderosa canopy painted mahogany. I’d never leave if it were up to me.

I would never leave if it were up to me.

Dream come true: The Cayman Island

A Dream come true. Magical view. Fearless lad.

A Dream come true. Magical view. Fearless lad.

10 km south on the way to Gerupuk Beach from Kuta Tourist Central Area, Lombok. It was an unforgettable painting of the Almighty which I called it as The Cayman Island. The sand was white as snow, the water was blue as sky. The sun was bright where everyone has enough light to see the beauty. This beach was called Tanjung Aan.

If only they could see, if only they had been here, they would understand how someone could have chosen to go the length I’ve gone. To this place. Spending one day of riding from Bali just to see this.

Winter: Places are just the same. Only you are the one who make it different.

Me: I feel blessed. I was a sinner who get the chance to see the majesty of The Almighty. I can never pay this back. This memory that I’ve had.

It was a low season (for tourists), I guess. But, the only one restaurant at the beach was full. All tables has been reserved. I went there. They have many types of burgers and dessert. It was not cheap, everything was about 30,000 Rupiah or more. But, they are the only restaurant on this stretch of the shore. They must have better positioning points. No matter. People will still buy from them anyway. Including me.

Kids walking around these white girls offering some bracelets. They was probably about 7-12 years old. The bracelet was made of small string. I guess their mother made it, and it is their duty to sell it. Their family probably have taught them to life that way. The life of no choice. I wonder if they can picture another landscape, except only the beach.

Boy: Do you want to buy bracelet?

Me: No, I don’t

Boy: Please buy one. It’s cheap.

Me: How much is it?

Boy: For you I give 15,000 Rupiah for one bracelet.

Me: That’s expensive.

Boy: Okay I give you discount. But you must promise me that you will buy at least one. Oh no! At least two: one from me and one from my friend.

Another girl who also sell bracelet came.

Girl: Please one from me too!

Me: Oh no! I don’t need that many bracelets.

Boy: Okay, just buy 2 for 10,000 Rupiah. That is already a good price.

This boy is not only has gut and confident, but he also understand the meaning of friendship. Why would he care about his friend? He knew how to sell too. I was impressed. May be he has too many experience handling this kind of situation.

Me: Why are you here? You are suppose to be at school.

Boy: I have the class in the morning and in the evening. Afternoon working. So, which bracelet do you want?

I chose one bracelet from each of the kid. 15,000 Rupiah for three bracelet seemed fair for me. In that age: I can’t never be that brave. I can’t never be that wise.

The kids was too strong and fearless. The scene was too magical. This afternoon was a wisdom of life.


Kingdom of Clams at Are Guling

A hidden paradise. Coral Kingdom. Landslide.

A hidden paradise. Coral Kingdom. Landslide.

40 minutes drive through Are Guling hills from Kuta Tourist Central Area, Lombok: A truly hidden paradise repose behind brown-green-Albatros. Glass water make reflection of my face. Great Kingdom of Clams stand there facing the water, it disappears in the dark, when the water come up higher. I went there when the sun was setting. The water was calm and shallow. Light blue sky with the clouds hanging around my head, on the west part was mostly orange and red.

Arrived at the last turn of Are Guling village, a dead-end, the beach. This photo was taken at the most east part of that beach. It was about 20 minutes walk from the farm where I parked the motorbike. I was really excited when these two kids wanting to show me, what they call: A Secret Place. I don’t remember their names. But it was a boy and a girl.

I was carrying my camera, and they loved it when I took picture of them. I should have sent these pictures to them, or I should come back there someday.

Boy: Hey, would you like to go to a “secret place”?

Me: SURE! Where is it?

Boy: Me and My sister will take you there. It’s a place where you can touch the kingdom.

I didn’t know what he is talking about, but I followed him. It seems exciting. They lived here, they must know the location. We will not get lost.

Winter: Why did you follow them? It was not about getting lost. What if they suddenly brought you somewhere, kidnap you?

Me: Oh, no! I was not alone. I was with someone. Stop being so cold.

We walked through brown-yellow grain of sand. I remember the grain was so big that I can see one of the rounded-sand, maybe in this way I can count the sand one day. The sand was soft, it mold our footprint along the walk.

At the kingdom, we climbed up the rock. It was sharp, but not slippery. It was not even wet. There are people living in the rock. The clams. They live inside each holes. But they was not home (of course) when the rock was dry like this. They probably went for work, just like human. and then come home at dawn when the water come up again.

The boy visited his friend who live behind the rock. They played kite for a minute. His sister was sitting with me on the rock looking at this panorama (on the picture). She did not say a word. I assumed she was shy.

I wonder is this how life should be? Live on this beautiful land with no other access. On the night time when the water come up, you and your family capture between this high rocks. The Kingdom of Clams.

Spring: Do not judge them like that. They are happy with the way they live. Happiness is relative. You may have different definition and standard, they may have one too. What you think “happy for you” is not always the same for them.

I was speechless. The beach was too beautiful. The kingdom was too great. The feeling was absurd.