Dream come true: The Cayman Island

A Dream come true. Magical view. Fearless lad.

A Dream come true. Magical view. Fearless lad.

10 km south on the way to Gerupuk Beach from Kuta Tourist Central Area, Lombok. It was an unforgettable painting of the Almighty which I called it as The Cayman Island. The sand was white as snow, the water was blue as sky. The sun was bright where everyone has enough light to see the beauty. This beach was called Tanjung Aan.

If only they could see, if only they had been here, they would understand how someone could have chosen to go the length I’ve gone. To this place. Spending one day of riding from Bali just to see this.

Winter: Places are just the same. Only you are the one who make it different.

Me: I feel blessed. I was a sinner who get the chance to see the majesty of The Almighty. I can never pay this back. This memory that I’ve had.

It was a low season (for tourists), I guess. But, the only one restaurant at the beach was full. All tables has been reserved. I went there. They have many types of burgers and dessert. It was not cheap, everything was about 30,000 Rupiah or more. But, they are the only restaurant on this stretch of the shore. They must have better positioning points. No matter. People will still buy from them anyway. Including me.

Kids walking around these white girls offering some bracelets. They was probably about 7-12 years old. The bracelet was made of small string. I guess their mother made it, and it is their duty to sell it. Their family probably have taught them to life that way. The life of no choice. I wonder if they can picture another landscape, except only the beach.

Boy: Do you want to buy bracelet?

Me: No, I don’t

Boy: Please buy one. It’s cheap.

Me: How much is it?

Boy: For you I give 15,000 Rupiah for one bracelet.

Me: That’s expensive.

Boy: Okay I give you discount. But you must promise me that you will buy at least one. Oh no! At least two: one from me and one from my friend.

Another girl who also sell bracelet came.

Girl: Please one from me too!

Me: Oh no! I don’t need that many bracelets.

Boy: Okay, just buy 2 for 10,000 Rupiah. That is already a good price.

This boy is not only has gut and confident, but he also understand the meaning of friendship. Why would he care about his friend? He knew how to sell too. I was impressed. May be he has too many experience handling this kind of situation.

Me: Why are you here? You are suppose to be at school.

Boy: I have the class in the morning and in the evening. Afternoon working. So, which bracelet do you want?

I chose one bracelet from each of the kid. 15,000 Rupiah for three bracelet seemed fair for me. In that age: I can’t never be that brave. I can’t never be that wise.

The kids was too strong and fearless. The scene was too magical. This afternoon was a wisdom of life.


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