Heaven’s sunrise: I will be found

Some lost things , will be found.

Some lost things , will be found.


It has been about 21 months. Here.

Me: It doesn’t matter where you roam, where no one left to call you home. Someday I’ll think it is all okay. Some nights I’ll throw it all away. I’m a little lost at sea, I’m a little birdie in the big old tree. It was that one morning, I found it’s worthy to stay.

Sanur is located at the center part of the island. Around 6,5 miles from Kuta. The best sunrise on the island. Indeed. Best location to live. Best neighborhood. Budget friendly area too!

Me: They call me the breeze. I try to keep blow down the road.

Calm wave. Golden sand. Warm water. Nothing was more friendly than this earth.

Just remember on the way home. That you will never have to feel alone. Because when there are no bus, you can come on my truck. Just stay on the road.


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