Kingdom of Clams at Are Guling

A hidden paradise. Coral Kingdom. Landslide.

A hidden paradise. Coral Kingdom. Landslide.

40 minutes drive through Are Guling hills from Kuta Tourist Central Area, Lombok: A truly hidden paradise repose behind brown-green-Albatros. Glass water make reflection of my face. Great Kingdom of Clams stand there facing the water, it disappears in the dark, when the water come up higher. I went there when the sun was setting. The water was calm and shallow. Light blue sky with the clouds hanging around my head, on the west part was mostly orange and red.

Arrived at the last turn of Are Guling village, a dead-end, the beach. This photo was taken at the most east part of that beach. It was about 20 minutes walk from the farm where I parked the motorbike. I was really excited when these two kids wanting to show me, what they call: A Secret Place. I don’t remember their names. But it was a boy and a girl.

I was carrying my camera, and they loved it when I took picture of them. I should have sent these pictures to them, or I should come back there someday.

Boy: Hey, would you like to go to a “secret place”?

Me: SURE! Where is it?

Boy: Me and My sister will take you there. It’s a place where you can touch the kingdom.

I didn’t know what he is talking about, but I followed him. It seems exciting. They lived here, they must know the location. We will not get lost.

Winter: Why did you follow them? It was not about getting lost. What if they suddenly brought you somewhere, kidnap you?

Me: Oh, no! I was not alone. I was with someone. Stop being so cold.

We walked through brown-yellow grain of sand. I remember the grain was so big that I can see one of the rounded-sand, maybe in this way I can count the sand one day. The sand was soft, it mold our footprint along the walk.

At the kingdom, we climbed up the rock. It was sharp, but not slippery. It was not even wet. There are people living in the rock. The clams. They live inside each holes. But they was not home (of course) when the rock was dry like this. They probably went for work, just like human. and then come home at dawn when the water come up again.

The boy visited his friend who live behind the rock. They played kite for a minute. His sister was sitting with me on the rock looking at this panorama (on the picture). She did not say a word. I assumed she was shy.

I wonder is this how life should be? Live on this beautiful land with no other access. On the night time when the water come up, you and your family capture between this high rocks. The Kingdom of Clams.

Spring: Do not judge them like that. They are happy with the way they live. Happiness is relative. You may have different definition and standard, they may have one too. What you think “happy for you” is not always the same for them.

I was speechless. The beach was too beautiful. The kingdom was too great. The feeling was absurd.



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