Life: Belief

The sun was up. Wine and shine.

Me: I have a good life. However, why would I ask more? It is me being greedy.

Winter: There always something more to be explored. The universe is tiny but full. It is humane to be curious and ask for more.

Autumn: Have you had love?

Me: I don’t know. I should know. But I don’t.

Autumn: Do you believe of love?

Me: I’m not sure.

Spring: Belief is a magical armor that turn the strongest sword. It is like punching the dust, you will never get who you aimed for. Some probably need an exhibition, some may have known they tried.

Summer: We will never win the universe. You will never found love. If it’s belief that you are fighting with.

Me: Do you believe of love?

No sound. No answer. Silent.


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