Love: The Power of Not Knowing. Forgiveness.

I close my eyes. Try to calm me down. The rain start again. The sun won’t come up today. The sky was grey.

Spring: Don’t blame yourself too much of what have happened. We all learn. And we all still learning. People change from day to day. He has changed before you were ready. But, you will change too. Those who are older. Those who are colder Suddenly embarrassed by their age. As they have not learned to be wise when they were younger.

Me: You are not trying to make me feel good, are you?

Spring: Our biggest blessing is being young. The power of not knowing where we belong. No wonder they try so hard to keep it. Maybe it was him that made you old. He stole whatever it was that made you glow. The heart that once open, now should be closed. You must forgive yourself. Move on and learn again.

I try to comprehend her words. I think it is true. Past will not last.

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