The Real World: Mawun

Ponderosa Canopy. Painted all mahogany.

Ponderosa Canopy. Painted all mahogany.

It was a random journey. I was only planning to go west and turn on the first intersection.

Me: I saw a blossom leaves at the edge of the street. Take my step on to the sand and it was the beach. I blushed as they scooped me up with the sweetest salted air and gaze down on the city above, ablaze with wondrous things. In front of me. Downy wind kissed my cheek and flutter everywhere. Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

I didn’t see anything but the only one tree at that edge. Nothing else. No house. No restaurant. No nothing. The stretch was only a white sand. Long way up and down, east to west.

Me: From the belt of the canopy, the wild ocean look so pretty. Soft rumble water with greenish color. Clear water flashing flickering. Starry brush paint the dusk venetian blue. When the water spring up and their whispering fill the night. Because in the evening hush, you will never believe the view. Ponderosa canopy painted mahogany. I’d never leave if it were up to me.

I would never leave if it were up to me.

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