Who you love?

The rain has stopped for about 4 days. I was looking forward to another rain. I like it better. The rain makes better sounds than being alone. I think. As the fact that people laugh at sad stories.

Summer: Who you love?

Me: I’m afraid if he said that it was not me. Cos we both know that we don’t know which way to go. Some said his heart was too hot, too cold. It takes a little time. I shouldn’t run anymore.

Summer: Did you see him?

Winter: I hope he was not too hot, too cold.

Summer: Did you see him in your dream? Cos you can’t make yourself stop dreaming. Who you’re dreaming of.

Spring: Love is a verb. It is not something that you can wish or see. Even when you try to show it to someone. It’s not something to be handed to.

Autumn: I wish I know which way to go. It was too cloudy.

Spring: Just stay.

Me: How can I love if I’m afraid to fall (again)?

Winter: Close your eyes and clone yourself, build your heart an army to defend your innocence, while you do everything wrong. Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it. Give your heart and change your mind because you are allowed to do it. Somehow God knows what have it done to¬† you and you’ve got through it.

Me: Here I am. Stay still.

I’m waiting on the day. Will be you be there for me?



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